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    Mac OS X version of the WSEMS for the Asset Management Tutorial



    I am following the Asset Management Tutorial (https://developer.thingworx.com/resources/guides/thingworx-utilities-asset-manager-tutorial); on the first page (Overview), there is a note stating the below:


    NOTE: There are non-Windows versions of the WSEMS, but the instructions in this tutorial are based on a Windows personal computer.


    I followed the tutorial anyway and got stuck at the Configure and Launch the WSEMS - Execute Both Programs to Connect to ThingWorx section where both the wsems.exe luaScriptResource.exe are Windows executable files.


    I am using a MacBook with Mac OS X Yosemite version 10.10.5. I do not have access to a Windows machine and I do not want to start my Thingworx evaluation over. Note that I am still using the 30-day trial hosted version.


    Has anyone come across the Mac OS versions of those files? Or has completed the Asset Management Tutorial on Mac? Please, I need assistance or directions on this.


    I have noted the final note on that page below, and I am still looking for an alternative, but I will rather want to continue with the WSEMS option and follow through with that tutorial.


    The WSEMS is not the only way to connect to the ThingWorx platform. You can find other connectivity options in the ThingWorx Marketplace, or on our Connect Capability Page). However, since ThingWorx Utilities has been optimized to work with the WSEMS, we use it in this tutorial.