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    GetJson() returns me java heap space issue

    I have got one Thing in which i have written "ABC" service. In "ABC" service, am calling GetJSON() method which contains history url in params. As this history web service returns huge data so after few seconds this "ABC" service gives me java heap space issue.

    Am calling this service from Fiddler rest client(as a rest api call) and response 500 "java heap space" is shown in fiddler.


    params = {

       url: "http://178.21.406.842/api/GetHistoricalDataByAttributes?"+encodeURI(queryParams)



    var historicJson = Resources["ContentLoaderFunctions"].GetJSON(params);


    Can anyone please tell me any changes need to be made in configuration anywhere which i have missed to solve this issue?

    Also in some cases data is retrieved from above url but it takes lot of time like 4minutes so how i can decrease its response time in thingworx?

    When i direct hit above url through rest client it takes much less time but when i call above url through thingworx service it takes lot of time.

    Any solutions to optimize this issue?