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    ckrenkel Explorer

    UploadThing in DockerContainer

    Has anyone tried to get the UploadThing Running in Docker?


    Docker can not run sudo so the installscript fails. What is an Solution to this?

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        carko Apprentice

        Hello, Christian.


        Just so I'm understanding correctly, you're talking about UploadThing_Install-8-0.zip - a file that must be installed to upload data files via Analytics Builder, is that correct?


        If so, I'll ask one of our Analytics specialists to weigh in here.


        Thank you,


        -- Craig A.

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          cmorfin Creator

          Hi Christian


          As Craig asked, if this is the UploadThing for ThingWorx Analytics, could you please give us some more details on your architecture:

          - Did you install ThingWorx 8.0 as a docker container ?

          - and are you trying to install uplaodthing in that container ?

          - what is the host OS ?

          - is ThingWorx Analytics Server installed on a different machine or the same machine as ThingWorx Platform ?


          Thank you

          Kind regards


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              ckrenkel Explorer



              my setup is one linux server with a TWX-Docker (8.0.1 - postgres) container and a second container with Analytics(8.0), both installed with the provided installers.

              next to the two containers is a postgres container.

              I tried to install the upload thing in the TWX Container because it needs acces to the ThingworxStorage folder.

              Did you have any installation steps or a manual for installing the Upload thing in the Docker container?

              Or even better some additional container with required connections to the TWX container?

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                  cmorfin Creator

                  Hi Christian


                  Apologize for the delay I was OOTO.

                  I am discussing this with R&D as there is indeed currently a lack of documentation on how to perform this.


                  I will update the thread once I get some information form R&D .


                  thank you


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                      ckrenkel Explorer

                      I have managed to reengineer the install script an create my own docker container.

                      Steps taken:

                      • create correct config files for Upload Thing an made an local folder for it
                      • Create an startscript to change some values in configfiles (WS endpoint) and start the UploadThing
                      • Create Dockerfile
                      • Build and run image


                      It is not beautifull and with ~450mb for the image not the smalest but it works in my case.


                      if anyone is interested in the resources let me know about it