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    maudley Newbie

    Difference between MTTF and MTBF in reliability prediction

    Does anyone have the definitions of MTBF / MTTF that windchill quality solutions use?


    It looks like i need this document:



    However, I do not have access to it.




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        sstankay Explorer

        Hi Matthew,


        You have posted this question in the ThingWorx Community, which is aimed at IoT discussions around the ThingWorx Platform.


        For Windchill Quality Solutions questions, you would be best served posting in the PTC Community.  You would want to post this discussion topic in the Windchill Questions board.


        I would offer to move the post directly, but the two communities are currently on separate sites that are disconnected.  It would be best for you to re-post this in the PTC Community so that you can get the direct correspondence.


        Let me know if you have any questions.