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    Mashup flashing while redirecting

    Hi Folks,


    I have a Home Mashup for the FormLogin Mashup (Thingworx built-in) and as per logic it should be loaded for the first time.And whenever user login again,that home Mashup shouldn't be loaded but some other Mashup.In simple words,Whenever user login second or more time,he/she should be redirected to another page instead of that Home Mashup.


    For this, I'm checking User's login status if its first time or not and redirecting accordingly. It redirecting the user but whenever user login for the second time,that Home Mashup flashes for a second before getting to the desired page.


    Example: Whenever User logs-in Thingworx composer for the first time,he/she sees a Terms and Conditions pop-up and second time it redirects directly to Composer.I want exactly this to be implemented.