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    Relationship resource provider in ILM Extension

    I have problem with configuration of Relationship resource provider in Thingworx 7.1.0, using ILM Extension (newest).


    I created manually thing for testing relationships, for relationship Contains/Contained By. I have generated Resource Providers for Input Document and Input.


    In configuration tab, I configured relationship as it said in ILM_Extension_Guide -> http://support.ptc.com/WCMS/files/170142/en/ILM_Extension_Guide.pdf




    For Role:Contains I set key "Contained By" with type String.

    For Role:ContainedBy I set key "Contains" with type Infotable.


    I added Role:Contains tag to Input Document Resource Provider, and Role:ContainedBy to Input Resource Provider. (I don't know, if in this point I should do this way or another way).


    But when I test service GetRoleProviders, for ContainedBy I get Input Resource Provider, and for Contains I get empty Infotable - so something is wrong.


    It was just a test of Relationship Resource Providers, I need a bit different thing.

    What I need eventually, is to get and set Relationship Flags for Decomposes To/Decomposed From relations between Inputs and Requirements, and Requirements and Requirements.

    During tests I also created thing for this kind of trace, but while testing GetRoleProviders service, I get empty infotables for both, although I added model tags to resource providers.


    Can somebody help? That's really important for me.