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    yongkim Explorer

    how to create mobile mashup?

    Now I want to create an adaptive app.

    I want to create separate apps for use in a regular desktop and for mobile devices.

    How can I make it?

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        carko Creator

        Hello, Yong June Kim.


        Are you working on a ThingWorx Studio app? Something using VR or AR? I ask because looking through some of the documentation that's the only area where I see specific mention of a mobile app, as opposed to just using the browser on a mobile device.


        Let me know a bit more about your use case, and I'll find the proper resource to help us out.




        -- Craig A.

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            yongkim Explorer



            I want to create UI for using mobile(phone or pad) on the thingworx composer.

            I believe that one responsive Application UI will work well on desktop or mobile, but there seems to be a way to make it only for mobile purposes.


            Thanks a lot.

            YongJune Kim

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                zyuan Apprentice

                Hello Yong June,


                A responsive mashup that can work well in computer screen will look strange in Mobile devices.

                Just create static Mashup in the size of a general smart phone, and bind the mashup to here

                And when you login through FormLogin page, the mashup will be loaded regarding to the Screen resolution