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    Unable to read thing / invisible things



    I made a service which will create new instances of a template with all you have to do (create via EntityServices, enable, restart). My script had an error (instead use Things[Name].RestartThing() I wrote Things[Name].Restart() which doesn't work).


    I testet this scribt (before I saw the error) and it show me the error. I replace Restart() with RestartThing() and the script works fine.


    Now I will export my project but I get an error "Unable to read thing : heiss : null" (heiss is the name of the thing I just create with by testing before i saw the error). The thing is not visible in the list of things but it's exists somewhere.


    I tried to delete the thing via EntityServices -> DeleteThing but its will not work.


    Logs in Application Log by trying to delete the thing:


    ErrorCode(36d55fde-4526-4101-8492-5bed98d5a095), Cause(null), Reason(Access was attempted on a null reference variable.), Possible Resolutions(Remove the reference to the null variable within your extension code.)


    [context: com.thingworx.webservices.context.HttpExecutionContext@16e28516][message: Unable to Invoke Service DeleteThing on EntityServices : null]


    I think that the thing is somewhere registered but where? And how can I delete it?