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    Documentation of code - ThingWorx best practices

    Hi, I work for an FDA regulated company that requires a stringent documentation process of code. Is there a best practice or strategy for using the 'documentation' section of each entity?

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        carko Creator

        Hi, Thomas.


        I'm not sure that we have specific documentation that calls this out. Let me see what advice I can get for you here.





        -- Craig A.

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          carlesc Heavyweight Champ

          Hi Thomas,


          I don't think so.


          The options you have to documentate code:


          • Entity level Documentation as you said
          • Services
            • Description field at Service Level
            • Each Input parameter has it's own Description section
            • Output has it's own Description section
            • Code
              • You can use standard Javascript comments ( /* */ and // )
          • Properties
            • Have a Description field
          • Subscriptions
            • Doesn't have any Description Section you will have to relay on Inner Javascript comments or enforce to always on the inner code call a Thing's Service which it's documented
          • Events
            • Have a Description Section


          Just one last perk, when you save an entity on the composer if you click on the button next to Save you can write a comment on what's modified.


          As you can see TW it's well designed to documentate everything, where it fails it's then if you want to generate a "printable" version of everything you had write on previous parts. But you can enter on "Server" view and see everything you documented: "yourServer"/Thingworx/Server