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    radimulam Newbie

    Edge Micro server on ubuntu


    I am finding out if Thingworx has released Edge Micro server for linux based machines (Ubuntu 16.04)

    from the download links i have found only for Rasberry Pi and a windows download, but not for linux.

    Does the licensed software downloads section can have the ubuntu download for Edge Micro Server?




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        jamesm Creator

        Yes, the EMS is available for the following environments:


        • Microserver-5-3-4-2383-Linux-ARM-HWFPU
        • Microserver-5-3-4-2383-Linux-ARM
        • Microserver-5-3-4-2383-Linux-x86-32
        • Microserver-5-3-4-2383-Linux-x86-64
        • Microserver-5-3-4-2383-Win32-fips
        • Microserver-5-3-4-2383-Win32


        In the case of Ubuntu, you would want the Linux x86-32 or Linux x86-64 version, depending on the OS.