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    fgrondin Explorer

    Export InfoTable As Excel

    I'm using the service ExportInfotableAsExcel from the extension DataExport.

    I'm getting something weird, where the data inside the excel sheet is not ordered the same as the infotable in ThingWorx.

    There is even some columns that have disappeared.


    Did anyone had that problem ? What did you do to corrrect this ?

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        carko Creator

        Hello, Frederik.


        Unfortunately the Data Export Extensions is not something we support. Let's see if anyone else in the Community has encountered this and if there was any workaround besides creating a new custom extension.





        -- Craig A.

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          carlesc Heavyweight Champ

          Hi Frederik,


          Upon my experience if you want to use this particular extension better you decompile it and improve it, in it's actual state it's ****, we are using it successfully but not after some tweaks.


          It has a great potential, but as it's now it's not usable at all.


          Best Regards,