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    bgupta Apprentice

    Hoe to find where things are used?

    Dear Team,


    I have deleted thing TestRemoteThings. But I am now getting error in application log [context: com.thingworx.webservices.context.HttpExecutionContext@6a50fb16][message: Entity Not Found : [TestRemoteThings]]


    How to find which entity  using this thing TestRemoteThings ?

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        jdass Apprentice

        Hi Bhuwaneshwar,


        You can find which entity depends on your Thing by clicking on the "Uses this Entity" on the Dependencies tab.


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          jamesm Creator

          The trouble here is that the entity reference might be in a Service or a Subscription and those wont show up in the entity dependencies (since it's really just plain text when it's in a service or subscription -- it's not part of the model). So, this is a bit hacky, but it will work.


          Export all entities to XML, open the XML file, and search for the string TestRemoteThings. This will find any occurrences that reference that thing name, even if it's in a service or subscription.