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    mhayes Newbie

    Alert status not updating Sigma Tile?

    I have downloaded the extension and follow Chapter 6 in the guide.  But still not getting the LEDs to change  Please help.   I have a demo next week and need this resolved.



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        mthakker Apprentice

        Hi Michael,


        There are several ways to get the LEDs to change - I'm not quite sure why the extension isn't working, however it's trivial to set up yourself.  To change the screen on the sigma tile simply write any integer from 0 to 6 to the "Screen_Control" tag in Kepware - this can be done in several different ways.


        1. The extension uses the IoT Gateway, which is well documented here: https://www.kepware.com/en-us/products/kepserverex/advanced-plug-ins/iot-gateway/documents/iot-gateway-manual.pdf - this is probably the most complex method due to updates to the ThingWorx platform.


        2. The new best practice (and the method I recommend) is to add the screen control tag to your sigma tile asset using the ThingWorx Manufacturing apps.  You can then write a service in ThingWorx to change the Screen Control tag based on what input you give it - if the service is directly on the Sigma Tile asset, it would simply be "me.<PropertyName> = x" where x is your input.  You can then create a subscription to the alert (whatever you defined it as) to fire the service when that alert is activated.


        Hopefully this helps,