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    athompson Apprentice

    Building a Sigma Tile

    Hi All,


    I"m going through the process of building a complete Sigma Tile with the case etc.  Has anyone here built one?  I'm curious about the magnets.  In the CAD model, there are 3 magnets sitting in the 3 square cutouts but there's no attachment method described to mount them to the tile base.  Has anyone built one with the magnets in it?  Did you just glue the magnets in?


    I've found something locally (here) and I'm thinking about maybe using these so the tile can be attached to things, but I'd be interested to know what others have done with this.





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        mthakker Apprentice

        Hey Allan,


        We used neodymium magnets (I'm not sure of the exact size and the guy who designed that is out on vacation currently), but they're designed to be press-fit into the slots from inside the case.  If you scan this ThingMark - it will give you an Augmented reality view of exactly how to build a Sigma Tile.  The ThingMark is designed to be mounted on the top of a completed case, but it will work no matter where you put it.


        Hopefully this helps!