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    moosterman Newbie

    Symbols in sequence steps in Thingworx publish are not displayed

    Hi all,


    We are trying out the Thingworx studio 90 day trial and we have a Question about Creo Illustrate sequence steps with annotations and Symbols in combination with Thingworx


    Importing the PVZ model in Thingworx and publishing is going well but when playing the experience (steps/ animation) we don't see any annotations and symbols in the steps that we create in Creo Illustrate 3.1.

    None of the used annotations or symbols that are used in the sequence steps are shown.

    When I open the used PVZ file in Creo view 3.1 and play the sequence steps it contains all annotations and symbols that I used from the symbol library in Creo Illustrate 3.1.


    Can anyone explain what is going wrong in the publish of Thingworx?.


    Regards, Michel