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    Can't sucessfully install Thingworx(ThingWorx-Platform-Docker-Installer-H2-8-0-2 SP2) by docker toolbox in Win7 OS



    I am trying install ThingWorx-Platform-Docker-Installer-H2-8-0-2 SP2 by docker toolbox in Win7 OS.The first time it sucessfully installed. I can access Thingwor composer. But I don't know how to start it again after restart my laptop.The startup menu of Thingworx is empty



    And I uninstall Thingworx, and try to install again I got error as the following screenshot:

    (I found here https://support.ptc.com/appserver/cs/view/solution.jsp?n=CS264642&art_lang=en&posno=1&q=problem%20running%20post-install… is an article about the same issue,but it says this issue resoved in SP1, now I am using SP2)


    I click Ok,and make the process complete. But can't access

    So I use "Docker Quickstart Terminal" to start it manully,run the following commands:


    eval "$(docker-machine env DockerMachinePTC)"

    docker run installer/twx/thingworx-enterprise-foundation-h2:8.0.0-b11


    I can see message in console, thingworx is startting, but in the end,it can't find license file, thingworx shutted down finally. But I am sure I specified license file and the license is not expired.


    Don't know why I can't install TW via docker multiple times. Have tried remove all contents under D:\Users\username\.docker\machine\machines, and terminated all process of VirtualBox, restared my laptop, but nothing working.


    Please help.


    Thanks & Best Regards