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    Problem using SelectedRow(s) when property is an Infotable.



    I have a mashup which  contains a grid. In the grid i am loading data from an infotable property. When i double click the grid i want to navigate to another mashup and pass a parameter. The parameter is one of the grid fields. I think this can be achieved by drilling down into the SelectedRow(s) of the Returned Data and then drilling down further to the SelectedRow(s) of the infotable property and then dragging my required property into the corresponding parameter of the navigation widget.



    If this data is loaded to the navigation widget parameter on the selection of a row, the double click event of the grid should navigate to the new mashup with the appropriate parameter. At the moment i cannot see any data being loaded when i make a grid selected. I have tried to view the AssetName using a textbox widget to prove the concept. I can achieve my requirements when i manually insert a parameter into the the navigation widget but the overall requirement is to use the grid. Can anyone assist?