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    0% Performance at times

    How does the calculation being made for performance ? I tweak the tags , KEP simulator, but still get 0% sometimes.

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        varathanran Creator

        The following provides how default calculations are done. However it can be overridden using custom code.


        First Statuses needs to be configured using Kepware tags properly i.e. Running, Planned downtime, Unplanned Downtime, etc.

        Then Availability is calculated using the following formula

        Availability = Run Time / Planned Production Time

        Run Time = Warning Rime + Running Time

        Planned Production Time = Run Time + Unplanned Down Time + Unavailable time


        Similarly Quality is calculated using Quality = Good Count / Total Count. In cases where Quality data is maintained in external system other than Kepware, we should able to use customization service to override and implement custom behavior.


        Performance = (Total Count / Run Time) / Ideal Run Rate

        - Ideal Run Rate is how many parts can be produced per minute. However discrete manufacturers may be interested how many parts produced per hour or shift or day or week depending on persona and their business. It also depends on what product is made. Typically it depends on machine and product. These value can be set manually or using script on the asset.


        OEE = Availability X Quality X Performance


        There are custom services available to override the behavior of Availability, Quality, Performance and OEE.


        In your specific case, It was not clear whether you are seeing all the metrics as zero or just some. Apparently, it is configuration issue. You may want to follow this workshop https://www.ptc.com/en/thingworx/manufacturing-apps/Dashboard/Get-Started/Learning-Workshop-1 to get better understanding. It comes with sample data and simulator.