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    Load the Simulator into KEPWARE



    I am tripping with "DemoFactoryPackage".

    [Progress and symptoms]
    "Step 2.1: Load the Simulator into KEPWARE" was carried out.
    After inserting "DemoFactorySimulator.opf"
    The content of the project has been rewritten, and it can not connect with Thingworx.

    [Kepserver's Message]
    The message of Kepserver right after rewriting the contents of the project is as follows.
    > The runtime project has been replaced. | New project = 'C: \ Users \ Administrator \ Downloads \ DemoSimulatorPackage \ DemoFactoryPackage \ DemoFactorySimulator.opf'.
    > Failed to connect to server: ' 57212'. Please verify this connection information is correct and that host can be reached.
    > Failed to connect to ThingWorx Native Interface ThingWorx. | Platform, Error: Failed to initialize secure socket connection.

    1)> "Please verify this connection information is correct and that host can be reached."
    I confirmed that Ping will pass.
    2) Host and port number of project properties,
    Like the message "Failed to connect to server: ' 5712"
    I made it to host: 127.0.01, port: 57212,
    As shown in the error message, "Secure socket connection could not be initialized."
    3) When "Discover Device" is executed from _Thingworx_Apps, the following message will be displayed.
    "Devices can not be found as PTC.MfgSegment.Kepware_Simulator is not connected to a server."
    In addition, another alert "The number of tags exceeded 500" is displayed.
    I just installed the specified file, so I do not know how to solve it.



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        hrajpal Explorer

        Greetings Takashi ,


        When you load the file "DemoFactorySimulator.opf" in Kepware it overrides the project content .

        So to connect to ThingWorx Server you need to provide the following details in the Kepware Project Properties :

        1. Host : It will be the hostname of your ThingWorx Server

        2. Port : Port at which ThingWorx is running

        3. Application Key : Search for Application Key in ThingWorx Composer for the thing specified in Project Properties

        For example i am launching ThingWorx using this URL : http://localhost:8080/Thingworx .

        So the host would be localhost and port will be 8080.

        Once these properties are updated , the Kepware will again try the connection to ThingWorx Server using above properties .


        Himesh Rajpal

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          varathanran Creator

          Also in Express version, there are licensing limitation on how many tags can be used (500 tags I believe ), number of trends (10 trends), data retention (7 days), etc. The idea is to allow customers or potential customers to quickly connect Kepware and evaluate the apps on their own. For longer trial version or paid version, customers should work with Sales Rep.