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    Problems with playing sequences on HoloLens

    Hi All,


    I'm experiencing a problem with getting a sequence to play in a HoloLens experience.


    I've created a simple 4 step sequence in the PVZ file and I've tried two different things to get it to work:

    • Bind the doubletap application event to the Play All service of the model
    • Create a 3D image and bind the click event to the Play service of the model


    In both cases the preview of the experience works correctly, but when I publish the experience and try to get the sequence to play, nothing happens.


    Anyone else having this problem?


    Many thanks,



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        athompson Explorer

        After a bit of investigating, it looks like the problem is with the PVZ file that get created from Creo Illustrate 4.1.


        Here's what I've found:

        If the PVZ file with the sequence was created from Creo Illustrate 4.1, it does not play on the HoloLens.

        If the PVZ file was created in an earlier version of Creo Illustrate, it plays on the HoloLens.

        PVZ files from any version will play on on a table or phone (tested on iOS)


        If I use the PVZ file from Illustrate 4.0, I also get some playback problems on the HoloLens where some parts incorrectly jump around.  This doesn't happen when using the same file in a mobile experience.


        I've attached the PVZ files that I output from Illustrate 4.1 and 4.0.


        Can anyone else confirm this?