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    Localised (or Localized) Value Display Widget

    Attached is a localised version of the Value Display widget.  It is a clone of the value display widget except that for any string displayed it will first assume that the string is a localization token and try to translate it to the current user's language and display the result.  If this fails it will just display the string itself.  For a string to be interpreted as a token correctly then it must be in the format "[[token]]", note the opening and closing double square brackets.


    I created this to allow state based formatting of strings.  In this widget the state evaluation is done prior to the localisation conversions, thus you can have a single state for each token rather than having one state for each language, token combination.


    As always use at your own risk, if this causes your cat to post selfies on youtube then it is your problem alone.  ;-)

    Any & all feedback is welcome.