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    How to Create Drag-able UI Widget at Run Time ?

    Hi Team,


    I am very new on thingworx platform.

    I am creating an application and i have a requirement for a widget which has some functionality at run time.

    I just wanted to bind data to that widget in composer and placed at one position and when i go to run our application Drag that Widget and placed at our choice and save that widget location.

    i have already followed given link but i am new on thingworx platform i.e. i am unable to create that type of widget.


    How to enable user customizable (drag & drop) UI widgets on a runtime mashup?   


    i have implemented this feature in normal web application and able to Drag an element and save that location, but now i wanted to create this feature widget  for thingworx platfore.

    i am going to attach some snapshot for my jquery application..


    1st attachment is a code spinets for external jquery liberary.

    2nd attachment is a code spinets for Dragable object logic.

    3st attachment is a code spinets for HTML element.

    4th attachment is application at run time in initial stage.

    5th attachment is application at run time after dragged element.

    i have already followed lot's of document but stuck at this point.

    If any one have some idea around this Please help me from scratch (step wise step) and share screenshot.

    Thank You all in Advance