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    Anyway to duplicate properties in Manufacturing Apps?

    I am using manufacturing apps to create assets here. I have 10 lines and each line has a number of assets. For each asset I have a few additional properties to define.


    I need to go to each asset I created and define these properties which is going to take some time. Is there any faster way to do it? I do not want to go to composer and define it because I don't fully understand the abstraction of the "add additional properties" function in the manufacturing apps UI (for example a value stream is automatically created in the backend etc??? just guessing here). If it is fully okay to go composer to use thing shapes I will do that, but prefer to hear the thoughts of developers here first.


    PS: The current UI does not remember which kepware tag I last accessed so for each asset I have to traverse the hierarchy of my kepware tags repeatedly. Can this be set up as a feature request? Also if the tag field is made an editable string, one can quickly copy, paste and edit rather than traversing.