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    umabou Newbie

    Failed to connect ValueStream



    Can you please remember how you solve the "isConnected >false" issue after creating a remote thing?


    I am following this short video on value streams: ThingWorx Tutorials: Introduction to Value Streams


    In the video is automatically connected after the creation. I am not able to manage the property bindings because of that.


    Can someone please assist?



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        supandey Collaborator

        Hi Ulrich, as you can see the issue is quite evident the RemoteThing is not bound or is not online which is why in your 2nd screenshot you are not able to browse and remote property. What sort of remote thing is it? and how are you connecting it to ThingWorx? Until you have a a connected RemoteThing you will not be able to browse it's property.

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            umabou Newbie

            Hi Sushant,


            Thanks for your response. Please bear with me as I am a newbie to Thingworx.


            As mentioned above, I was following the tutorial that I linked. Since the tutorial is very step by step, my understanding is that the RemoteDemoThing which inherits its properties from the DemoThingTemplate created using the RemoteThing base thing template will automatically have the value of isConnected set to true as in the tutorial. I am not using any external remote thing as I only want to simulate a simple sensing (simulated)/binding/displaying app within the composer before moving to external devices and edge connectivity. I am using a licensed instance of the ThingWorx Composer, I do not yet have the capabilities to explore the advanced options.


            I believe that should be possible from what I have seen online here and there, and I hope it makes sense to you. Will you please to assist me or point me in the right direction?


            I am playing around in the Composer and checking online, but I haven't found a solution yet.

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                supandey Collaborator

                Ulrich, thank you for your feedback. I just rechecked the video unfortunately in the video I think the information is missing that to have isConnected set to true for a RemoteThing it's imperative that the binding is done which will automatically set the isConnected value to True. The video is only focusing on ValueStream creation, IMHO if you are starting a fresh and you just need some simulated devices to begin with you can explore the Developer Portal


                More specifically the connectivity part, i think they include some java based simulators that you can use for connecting to and testing different components of ThingWorx Composer such as ValueStream to gather some demo data generated by those simulators.


                Hope this helps.