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    Issue while creating new predictive model in thingworx analytics builder



    I am using trial version of thingworx analytics server. I am going through this https://developer.thingworx.com/resources/guides/thingworx-analytics-builder-quickstart/builder-load-and-create-dataset tutorial. I am facing 2 problems.


    1) When I created a new data set by providing the  Dataset Name,Description, Field Configuration (JSON format) and Dataset Data (CSV format) I am unable to create data set. The error logs are as  Execution error in service script [TW_ML_Helper CreateAndConfigureDataset] : TypeError: Cannot call method "CreateDataset" of null (CreateAndConfigureDataset#43)] org.mozilla.javascript.JavaScriptException: TypeError: Cannot call method "CreateDataset" of null (CreateAndConfigureDataset#43)

    2) To solve the above problem I created dataset and data directly through the API. As a result, this dataset was visible in analytics builder Data menu.

    3) As per tutorial now I need to create new predictive model, but when I click on new option in model menu of analytics builderI could not see any datasets retrieved, though the dataset is visible as mentioned in point 2.

    Please help me in knowing what is the issue here. Appreciate your help.

    Thanks in Advance.