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    How to set configuration for Active MQ Thing

    We have a Thingworx defined extension thing(ActiveMQThing) for which we need to add configuration details for a paritcualr parameter (MQ broker address and port) differently in different environments. Tried making the same configurable by reading the value of the parameter from a configuration file and setting it through SetConfigurationTable in Thing start event. Our understanding is that  SetConfigurationTable would update the paramter in the configuration table "MQConnectionInfo" (Configuration Table name obtained from GetConfigurationTable) But SetConfigurationTable  expects infortable and row name cannot be with spaces. The parameter we have "MQ broker address and port"is having space in between. Please let us know if there is any alternative approach

    1. To make the configuration parameter of  extension thing configurable through any other options

    2.  Alternative approach to update SetConfigurationTable