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    MQTT problems

    I'm running TW 7.2.0-b155 on AWS, which was installed for me by Thingworx.


    I'm attempting get data from MQTT into Thingworx.  I verified that the data is reaching my broker and can be subscribed to. However the data is not showing up in Thingworx.

    I've checked that the topic names match in all places.


    For one of my things, lastConnection is "2017-08-28 11:10:33.833", isConnected is false and lastUpdated (set to the eventTime) is really old.


    1) How can I tell if Thingworx is connected to the broker?

    2) How can I tell if Thingworx is receiving messages?


    Is there a log setting in the Monitor that would allow me to see that information?


    Thanks for the help,