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    Performance calculations from a boolean counter

    Hi Varathan,


    Thank you for your response. Let's pick quality for example: Quality = Good Count / Total Count

    From the MFG App, it taps the tags from the KepserverEX (KEX) to input as good count and total count. My question is what kind of signal are we expecting for this? Are we expected a step function signal, 0101101 or something else? If yes, how do the MFG App decide to sum them or read them as point in time. This is important because most signal from KEX only output 0 or 1 and hence I want to know how it is being converted to Good count.


    For run time, again, how does MFG App calculate run time and is there a way for user to reset or to have more control on the run time?


    Thank you.

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        stmarchessault Creator

        Greetings Hidayat,


        It would not be sufficient to use a Boolean tag as your counter for the "Good Count" parameter of that calculation. You will need to use a value that increments to reflect the number of "Good quality" units that have been produced.


        If you wanted to generate a count of how many times a Boolean tag changed from 0 to 1, you could implement a counter in the Advanced Tags Plug-in in KEPServerEX, and then monitor that counter. There is also a discussion of creating a counter in ThingWorx in the ThingWorx Developer Community here:


        How to create a counter


        The timeframe of the calculation would be reflected in the choice of the expressions/tags for the denominator of the Quality expression (the "Total Count"). You would need to incorporate logic that reflects when you would want this to reset, or criteria for a reset, etc. This would depend on the specifics of where and how this solution was being implemented.


        The "Run time" resets when the Status of the Asset changes. How you would exert control over this would be reflected in the Expression configured in the Status Definition.


        Please let us know if that answers your question, or if you are still unclear about any of this. Be sure to try out the workshop referenced by Varathan in his response to your question here:


        0% Performance at times



        Best regards,


        Steven M