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    Where can I find the Thingworx War file for training?

    I am currently completing the 'Introduction to Thingworx' Training on Precision LMS.


    The content just begins with a Thingworx instance already up and running and the only installation details, that I can find in the Lab files, is a document with info on installing Tomcat & Java, and a link to this video.


    I believe I have correctly installed Java and Tomcat, but now I am looking for a Thingworx.war file to deploy. I have included an image of what was included in the training lab files, and there isn't anything applicable.


    Lab Files.PNG

    I have looked on the Thingworx downloads page, but am unsure which is the correct download for the war file.




    I'm not looking to setup a production environment, just to locally install Thingworx on my Windows machine in order to complete the training.

    If anyone could tell me if/where I need to look, any help would be much appreciated.

    Many Thanks,