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    QR Code Scanning with Thingworx

    Hello there,


    Is there a way to scan an QR code with the help of Thingworx? I can already send the value of the QR code to ThingWorx as a property value of a thing, with the help of Node-RED and a webcam. However I can not control the webcam as I like therefore I need a service in ThingWorx so that I can bind that to a button widget. Right now in Node-RED I created a flow with an injection node ,which only injects once at start, and a pythonshell node which runs the python code script that I wrote to turn on the webcam, to scan the QR code and after that to turn off the webcam. Does anybody know a way to control Node-RED flow from thingworx or simply a way to scan QR code?


    Thank you