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    twapi.dll not found at path



    First time poster here - hope you'll be able to help me out.  I've added some Thingworx functionality to our Windows .Net application via the SDK.  It's up and running and sending information back to our mashup and most things are working as they should.


    One thing that is puzzling me is that I get an error message (via a trace listener) whenever I launch the application by double clicking on an associated file that is located elsewhere in the file system.  So: Normal launch means no error message - double click on associated file which in turns bring up our application gives this output in the trace:


    [L: Critical] [T: 1] [U: libu] [O: com.thingworx.communications.client.TwApiWrapper] Initializaion warning: the core library was not found at path [C:\<application install directory>\Bin\tw\x86\twApi.dll]

    Which is odd, as we distributed the twApi.dll directly under \Bin.  The tw\x86 part of the path looks like the distribution from PTC, however.  I'm at a bit of a loss here to why it looks for twapi.dll in different places depending on how we start the application.  Any feedback is welcome, thanks.