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    Azure SQL + Thingworx 8 the performance is low! Help!

    Hi  everyone,


    I want to discuss the performance about the configuration below:




    • Azure Sql database : S0 standard 10 DTU


    • Azure Virtual machine: Basic A4 (8 vcpus, 14 GB memory)

    I noticed a lower performance, for example, get the things entities, than the Local MSQL database.



    When I click on Things, Thingworx give me back all the things:


    the response is very different here is the result:


    1) Thingworx 8 + Azure Sql   (very slow!!!!)    (5715 ms )




    2) Thingworx 8 + Local MSQL  (157 ms !!)







    I belive that exist a solution to increase performance ..Do you have any suggestion?