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    ckoenig Newbie

    Thingmark Setup?

    I've been searching for this answer for the last couple of days, but have not found a solution.


    After downloading the trial version of Thinkworx studio, I've ran through all the getting started tutorials. Three demo Thingmarks come with the trial Studio download.


    My question: Where can I create new Thingmarks that I can use inside Thingworx studio?  Unless I'm missing something the three Thingmarks that came with the trial only work with the models that came with the trial. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!!!   Also, is there any way to connect a Vumark (Vuforia) instead of a Thingmark?




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        Adam MacierzyƄski Apprentice

        Hello Charlie,


        You are partially right. With the trial version you will get only 3 ThingMarks. You cannot add your own at this moment.

        However you can build couple of experiences and associate them with one ThingMark. Then on the device you can scan of your ThingMark and pick associated experience, which you previously published.


        I believe that there is no way to use Vumark at this moment as well, but I can be wrong.