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    rrohde Newbie

    Text Attributes 3D gauge


    I am trying to change the Text Attribute of a 3D Gauge Widget but without any effect in the preview / Application (eyewear)



    Text Attributes from

    fill:rgba(255, 255, 255, 1);textbaseline:middle;textalign:center


    fill:rgba(255, 2, 255, 1);textbaseline:middle;textalign:center


    ==> No effect in Preview.


    In Addition: Is there a possibility to set a background color (to get a better readability) within a 3D gauge?



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        dupatel Communicator

        Raphael Rohde : I believe this is an issue with Eye-wear type project only where Text Attribute is not reflecting the value changes which works fine under Mobile-> AR projects. I will double check and raise as an defect to get this fixed.


        Regarding setting background color we do not have direct property to do this at this point of time and can be raised as an enhancement request to R&D team.



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            rrohde Newbie

            since the last update changes at text properties are not displayed correctly within the preview (Eyewear). For test: Please change e.g. font size


            In addition:

            Why is it not possible any more to display text outside the gauge symbol:

            E.g: a Thunderbolt icon representing the Energy consumption and below that icon the value cannot be displayed when outside the gauge Symbol…