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    Error in invoking service - permissions


    firstly, sry for my bad english. I hope you can understand my Problem.


    My problem is that after i press a button the mashup starts a service and after this service should be start another service. But it doesn't work if I logged in with the testuser.

    The Mashup works problemless by Admin or if the testuser is in the developmentgroup. The user have all Runtime permissions on the Mashup/Thing and can see the values of the Properties of the Weatherthing on the mashup.


    ERROR - Error in invoking service Things_Weathertthing, GetWeatherInformationwithouthistory, Things, Weathertthing, Services, GetWeatherInformationwithouthistory. Error from the server: "Wrapped java.lang.RuntimeException: Entity [ContentLoaderFunctions] does not exist Cause: Entity [ContentLoaderFunctions] does not exist"

    PS: I use TW 8.