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    Can I prevent it from being line when mapping GPS to Google Maps?

    Good morning? I am SeonHo.



    The intent of my question is clear.

    Does Thingworx has function that prevent some of the GPS values from being received and displayed as a straight line, or does it has function that show the non-straight route?



    I will explain more.




    When you look at the pictures, you can see that some of the routes are straight.

    This is because the GPS value is not received at a certain time or period, or the module is turned off.

    When you receive the GPS value again or when the module is turned on, the GPS value is clearly different.

    So I think it is displayed in a straight line.

    I wonder if it has the ability to show the path between two GPS points that are represented by this straight line.

    Please introduce



    The important thing is to make straight path the normal route  between two GPS points.

    It is important to make the path of the red straight line in the picture look like purple.

    Is it possible?

    Or any suggestions to me?


    Thank you.