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    SSO from Windchill to ThingWorx to REST API

    We are trying to perform something like this


    1. Flex/Windchill and ThingWorx are installed in Lab on 2 Servers
    2. Thingworx is configured to have Windchill as Authentication Service (With Windchill Extension), so SSO works when navigating from Windchill to Thingworx, in case a user is not there, TW creates it as logins-in
      1. a.       e.g. sourcing_user_1 from Windchill navigates to TW, a user with same name is created and logged in without asking for password.
    3. SSO is working fine for thingworx with windchill.
    4. Now , we a 3rd Party app which uses REST calls from TW to access data from TW + Windchill
    5. I need to achieve a seamless login (or SSO) from TW to REST API – which I am not able to
    6. TW REST API can only accept Base64 – Basic Auth for REST API authentication, but we can never have password as we are only getting username as SSO from Windchill, this is tricky situation

    Ideas is to achieve some kind of seamless auth from Windchill à TW à REST API (App)


    Any ideas will help, please ask me if the description is not clear