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    Dataconnect (tomcat) crash after execute Data Analysis Definition



    I have six things based on the same template. The things have collect many data into a ValueStream.


    I build a Data Analysis Definition to send the data to the analytics server. If I click on "execute" in Data Analysis Defintion a new dataset with the name of the Data Analysis Defintion is shown up in analytics. The dataset have the state QUEUED and 0 number of rows.


    In log file I get this message:


    2017-09-07T12:39:16.386Z [ERROR] [dataconnect_proc-1] [com.coldlight.dataconnect.worker.job.JobExecutor] - [[48d918e4-0890-46c8-82bc-a192def0bdef] Error with job [1]: com.coldlight.rest.client.http.impl.InvalidRequestException: {"errorId":"da957be8-df97-4d6c-b99a-ce380e6eb323","errorMessage":"Error uploading data set"}


    I delete the dataset and try it again but the dataconnect is crashed and I get this message:


    [context: com.thingworx.webservices.context.HttpExecutionContext@340a9f4][message: Unable to Invoke Service Execute on DATA_ANALYSIS_DEFINITION_NAME : {"messageKey":"QUEUE_UNAVAILABLE","message":"Data Analysis could not be started due to error: Connect to URL:PORT [URL/IP] failed: Connection refused"}]


    After restart the tomcat of the dataconnect I try it again - and again dataconnect crashes.

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        cmorfin Communicator

        Hi David


        Could you please give some background on the configuration you are using

        - are ThingWorx, DataConnect and ThingWorx Analytics installed on different machines or same ?

        - what are the OS in use ?

        Could you also upload:

        - /opt/dataconnect/config/dataconnect.conf

        -/opt/dataconnect/logs folder

        - ThingWorx ApplicationLog.log file

        - screenshot of PlatformSubsystem showing the uri for DataConnect


        Thank you

        Kind rgerads