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    JDBC Connection Programmaticaly

    Hey guys,

    In the current solution that I have, there are multiples JDBC Connection Thing.

    Thus, if we decide to change SQL Server, we need to go through each Thing and modify the JDBC Connection String.


    I would like to have a mashup that let me modify every JDBC Connection Thing.

    I found out that there is a service in a Database Thing where you get a Configuration table ("ConnectionInfo") .

    This returns the Configuration settings.

    Then there is a service where you can save the modification you have done.


    I have created a service that gets all the entities's configuration.

    In the infotable, there is a password field which is set to password type so no one can see it.I'm using that infotable in a grid inside a mashup.

    What I was wondering is how can I edit that value ?

    The CheckBox editable is set to true in both column parameter and widget parameter but I can't edit it in the grid.

    I can edit everything else but the password which is a shame..

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        jamesm Creator

        You can edit a password field if you render it as a string field, when you are editing the columns under column render and state format. It will only show the encrypted version of the password, but you can then enter in a new string and pass that along using the edited infotable. Im not sure if you need to re-encrypt the password before setting it, though.