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    scha-2 Apprentice

    Is there a way to forcibly remove Thing?

    Hi I am SeonHo



    I recently created a Thing that uses MQTT,

    This Thing can not be deleted.

    it Displayed errors only.


    So I tried to delete this Thing.

    Deletion is not performed.

    Continue the deletion process, or the message Thingworx is not responding.

    [After click 'continue button' and Thingworx was stopped.]

    The result was the same when I try to save or cancel the edit.



    Even I am logged in with the Administrator account

    and there is no trace of logged in Administrator on another PC.

    I confirmed using Snippet's GetActiveuser ().

    I want to remove this thing that keeps an application error.

    Even though Forcibly..



    Any suggestions to me? Help me