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    Windchill extension for Thingworx, service Navigate, typeFilter parameter


    I'm facing an issue using the service Navigate, to retrieve only the items with a given softtype.

    The service "Navigate" allows to use a "targetTypes" parameter, wich is an Infotable.


    var params = {

        targetRoleName: undefined /* STRING */,

        otherSide: undefined /* BOOLEAN */,

        autoNavigate: undefined /* BOOLEAN */,

        configSpecType: undefined /* STRING */,

        baseUfid: undefined /* STRING */,

        associationTypeIdentifier: undefined /* STRING */,

        configSpecParams: undefined /* INFOTABLE */,

        targetTypes: undefined /* INFOTABLE */,

        dataShape: undefined /* DATASHAPENAME */



    // result: INFOTABLE dataShape: "undefined"

    var result = me.Navigate(params);


    But I don't know what is the required field in the datashape of this infotable,

    I have created a "typesFilter" infotable, to use it in the targetTypes parameter, with the following fields and values (without success):


    var newEntry = new Object();

    newEntry.value="WCTYPE|ext.thales.palma.part.PalmaDesignItem|ext.thales.softtype.Component"; // STRING

    newEntry.type = "WCTYPE|ext.thales.palma.part.PalmaDesignItem|ext.thales.softtype.Component"; // STRING

    newEntry.objectType = "WCTYPE|ext.thales.palma.part.PalmaDesignItem|ext.thales.softtype.Component"; // STRING

    newEntry.itemType = "WCTYPE|ext.thales.palma.part.PalmaDesignItem|ext.thales.softtype.Component"; // STRING

    newEntry.typeID = "WCTYPE|ext.thales.palma.part.PalmaDesignItem|ext.thales.softtype.Component"; // STRING



    Thank you very much for you help,

    Best Regards,