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    About user/group permission in External Application??

    Hi TWX Community,

    I'm developing application that use Thingworx in specific case as follow, but have no idea how to do it. I would like to assign user permissions for different user type in External application. For example, I created Smart Home Application on Android, there is Parents, as well as children. The parents can control all the devices but the children can control only their room.

    You know that,

    - I can use application key to call Thingworx API, I cannot use multiple keys which each key for each individual application instance, it would be not good option.

    It seem that, this is limitation of Thingworx?

    Please advice,





    Thanks in advance,





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        ytella Apprentice

        Hi Luyen CHU,

        In ThingWorx, you can create two user groups{Parent, Children}. Add the users to the group as follows:

        • Type +U in the spotlight search field.
        • Select +User Group
        • Type name in the name filed. [ I have given ThingWorxTraining]
        • Select the tag.
        • Click Save button.
        • Click the Edit Members button.
        • Click the Advanced button.
        • In the Search ModelTags field select the tag that you have used during the creation of users and user group.
        • Click the Done button.
        • Click the Select All button.
        • Drag the three users to the right panel.
        • Click the Save button.

        Now assign the permissions to the group as a whole.

        • Select your desired Thing.{for children select the desired rooms}
        • Click the Run Time instance link in the explorer.
        • Type the group name in All Properties, Events, and services filed.
        • Select the green dot for Read, write, Execute…
        • Click the Save button.

        The users in the ThingWorxTraining group will have all the assigned permissions and they can view/edit properties of only this thing. Please let us know if this is the scenario you are trying to implement.