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    Directory Services - LDAPDirectoryService (works) vs ActiveDirectoryDirectoryService (does not work)

    Hello Guys,


    I have big difficulties with configuration of LDAP authentication in ThingWorx 7.3.2-b39 (I am not LDAP expert at all).


    I have created DS entity using com.thingworx.security.directoryservices.LDAPDirectoryService and configure it to some publicly available LDAP, and it works correctly:


    Obviously I had to create user Entity in ThingWorx manually - which is very bad and I believe with this DS it is not possible to create users automatically. But stil - I can login to ThingWorx using LDAP credentials (not ThingWorx credentials).


    Although, I've figured out that I can use different class for DS Entity: com.thingworx.security.directoryservices.ActiveDirectoryDirectoryService, which has all necessary functionalities for user/group management. Unfortunately, I am struggling to get it work, I have tried hundreds of different configuration combinations and the DS authentication seems to not work at all (there is nothing in the logs, HTTP basic authentication is activated so eventually I can login to ThingWorx using ThingWorx credentials).




    The server I am using is publicly available: http://www.zflexsoftware.com/index.php/pages/free-online-ldap


    I appreciate any hints of how to configure second Directory Services connector (the one based on ActiveDirectoryDirectoryService class), as user/group management and provisioning is a must have in one of my projects.


    Thanks in advance for any help.