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    Queries related to dataconnect installation


    I installed Thingworx  foundation on windows server  ,

    Analytics server on Desktop grade machine , which is running on  docker toolbox.


    Now  dataconnect installation is pending


    I read few threads related to dataconnect from  this community, so observed few points like

    It could be better if we install dataconnect and analytics on different machines.

    Dataconnect will not run on windows ,it runs on centOS or VM.


    if I  want to install dataconnect on thingworx server (which is on windows server 2012 R2), can I install VM on this machine again to host Dataconnect.

    if yes, as per guide 

    1. first I have to download Oracle VM VirtualBox from https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads.  

    In this link i have to select  all supported Platforms options..is it correct?

      2. next step I have to install centOS on VM

    3 .then dataconnect RPM in the VM    

    4. Integration of dataconnect with Thingworx.

    these 4 steps has to be followed right?


    if  I can not install VM on windows server grade machine , which OS system will be preferable to install VM.


    Analytics running on docker toolbox,so can i use same to create another virtual machine and install docker on same?


    please help.