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    mewees Newbie

    Rest thing

    Hello there,

         i have implemented simple example on my kit using Node Red and try to send data from my kit to thingworx using  (Rest Thing) but it didn't work.

    dose any body used it before or know how to use it ?

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        ttielebein Collaborator

        Can you provide more details about what you were trying? I am a bit confused based on your post.

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            mewees Newbie

            Hi Tori,

                 Thanks for your reply.

            i'm trying to send dummy data from my Raspberry pi to Thingworx platform.

            i'm using NodeRed to implement and deploy the project on my Raspberry pi kit and then send the data to ThingWorx.

            to send the data to Thingworx from my kit, there is an API called RestThing. this API used as an interface between the remote thing and thingworx.

            but after configuring that API with my Key generated on thingworx. it didn't worked properly.