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    How to parse simple XML-response from PostXML/PostText


    I'm trying to post a device serialnumber to remote URL (not Thingworx) with PostXML-function and get a response with some device details (see below).


    By using var xmlDocument = Resources["ContentLoaderFunctions"].PostText(params) I get the following response nicely as string:


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>








        <ItemData Quantity="1" Version="">

          <Description1 Lang="EN">Development engine</Description1>





    But if I try to do anything with PostXML (e.g. xmlDocument to Infotable) it seems that I do not get any XML data to Thingworx. I wonder, whether PostXML can be used in a case like this to get result as XML object? Am I missing something in PostXML usage?


    Quite a simple result so I could even use some sort of light-weight parser inside service? Any hints?