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    pbrünner Newbie

    Event available for File-Download via Link?

    Is there an TWX-event that is fired when a logged-in-user tries to download any file via link (successful or not) ?

    If there would be a event that is fired everytime a user tries to download any file via link (e.g. http://localhost/Thingworx/FileRepositories/TrainingRepository/CHROME.exe) one could prevent (via monitoring this event)



    1. BRUTE FORCE/Guess access and download of Files, which are not intend for the particular user to be downloaded

    (e.g. if user knows http://localhost/Thingworx/FileRepositories/TrainingRepository and tries 500 attempts / sec to get files within this folder like ../TrainingRepository/a.a , TrainingRepository/aa.a .... TrainingRepository/zzzz.z)

    2. Access Control to Files for which the user knows the name/path of the repository to download from