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    Does SQUEAL affect the way you reach the API for Thingworx?



    I've an issue that I don't know how to address. I developed an app that shows a list of the ThingTemplates you have in your composer. I use this via the API so it would be something like: "http://<your_url>/Thingworx/ThingTemplates and then just extract from the rows

    Recently i got access to a composer url that redirects me to SQUEAL when I log in with the credentials that I was given. If in my app I try to query the API for ThingTemplates it always comes up empty, no rows, but if I search within SQUEAL i can see some Templates are indeed searchable there.

    My question is, how can I access ThingTemplates, and the Things themselves, instead of the search engine? Was I given the wrong URL or is it user related? Or even something else?


    I would appreciate someone that could help me.

    Thank you,