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    heberle Newbie

    The problem that I am having is that IoT updates to slow.  I know that this could be my fault so I need some help please!

    I am a decent coder with backgrounds in electrical engineering and programming engineering although I am a chemical engineer withe a biology degree. I love computers. and I am good with them. I just need help getting the the data to and from from the Thingworx servers in an acceptable time.  I think this is possible and I am not as good of a coder as I think I am.  Please help me!.


    I have a state machine built that lets you choose what type of control that you want which can be the  steady state operating curve, Step, Frequency Response, Pi, & PID.


    i would assume that others are have this trouble or I am just missing something completely.


    Also, Let me know if you would be interested in seeing the code and I will send it to you.


    Thank you & I look forward to hearing from you.

    -Hunter Eberle