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    Random value output using Postman

             Hi, I am trying to generate an output as a random number using Postman and I want to PUT this output value onto thing as a thing property value but


    As in the official Mars Rover example used in the academic course, to change the 'WindSpeed' property using postman, the following syntax was used:



    "WindSpeed" : "88"




    But now I want to pass on the value of the "WindSpeed" in an automated manner (something like using the random value function) so that I don't have to manually change it every time,


    Unfortunately, I am not able to do so as I have trying ways available online including setting global variables etc. etc. but it is always giving an error of 'BAD STRING' or that the JSON content does not have 'ValidProperties' etc. I think that maybe my syntax is wrong. Could someone please guide me as to how we can generate random values in postman(syntax etc.) and PUT it onto the thing so that it updates itself.